About Jes

In 2005 I got my first digital SLR camera and I was hooked. Before that, I did quite a bit of analog photography on and off, but I love the total control and immediate results I get from the digital process.

I have a strong fascination for any kind of picture making and the deceptively simple process of creating photograph. I used to paint and draw, but now it’s all photography and digital. I enjoy art and music very much. I think I should say that I have a strong fascination for creativity of any kind – it can be art, making money, businesses – whatever.

I used to be a professional golf teacher for a number of years working at several golf clubs. That’s where I developed the tremendous patience that I now use when doing headshots :-) Later I worked with desktop publishing and now I work as a webmaster in a news media website.

I have no immediate plans to turn full time pro photographer since doing it part time, gives me freedom to do what I love. It must be fun.

I am fascinated by different genres of photography, mainly headshot photography, fine art nudes and street photography. I have also done some product photography which is a lot more fun than I thought.

My inspirational sources for photography are people like Peter Hurley, Joe McNally, Joel Grimes, Scott Kelby and some of the old masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Eugene Smith, Helmut Newton and a lot more.

I love people who are driven, passionate, obsessive, relentless and patient.

I strive for a simple lifestyle and keep my expenses and materialistic needs to a minimum. Unless of course it’s photographic gear :-) I am very much into Tibetan buddhism and meditate quite a bit. The buddhist teachings put my daily life into a meaningful and interesting perspective and I like the fact that buddhism is atheism that puts the full responsibility on me.

I am single at this point and have an adopted son that means everything to me.